For many customers looking to purchase your graphic design services, the art of giving relevant feedback is like black magic; they won’t know how to do it, and they certainly won’t have a feedback form ready once you deliver the first iteration of the project. Ever heard of “Oh, but I wanted it more squared,” or the infamous “It looks ok, I guess…”?

Well, you’re in for a treat.

In this article, we’re giving you the answer to all your headaches, fast. If you want to, you can follow the step-by-step guide we’ve prepared for you below, but even better, you can immediately download our personalized customer feedback form specifically made with graphic design in mind. Simply click on the button below and off you go!

Free Resource: Graphic Design Customer Feedback Form Template

Why Vague Customer Feedback Sucks

It’s not just graphic design, vague customer feedback rules the freelancing world. And even if you were to achieve the best outcome possible out of that feedback, it would still be too hard for the client to decide whether the result is good or not. Inexperienced clients need to be guided towards giving better, more relevant graphic design feedback. But how?

If you’re facing a customer that doesn’t know much about graphic design but still needs work done in that area (and is willing to pay for it), you should prepare a customer feedback form specifically made for him. This will give them the opportunity to answer specific questions that were prepared beforehand rather than shoot for one thing or the other.

Vague customer feedback sucks because of a few reasons:

  • It kicks off revision hell;
  • It doesn’t make sense design-wise;
  • It’s too generic to make anything out of it;
  • It can become financially burdening due to delays;
  • It leaves both parties unhappy with the end product.

So, how do you get rid of this annoying part of your daily routine? With a meticulously crafted, thought-through customer feedback form. 

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Create Your Own Customer Feedback Form

Creating your own customer feedback form for graphic design is quick and easy. There are only about five steps to follow to get everything done:

  1. Sign in to Google Forms;
  2. Expand the template gallery;
  3. Scroll down to the Work section and select Customer Feedback;
  4. Include the following sections:
    • Enter the name of the project at the top;
    • Write a brief description regarding the feedback form;
    • Ask which specific parts of the design need to be reviewed (checkboxes);
    • Ask what changes should be made to those specific areas (open-ended);
    • Ask for media supporting the graphic design vision (optional media upload);
    • Ask to select a revision which they resonate with the most (multiple choice);
  5. Close the form.
template gallery option in google forms
customer feedback form template in google forms

Make sure not to include overly generic, open-ended entries. The entire point of sending a customer feedback form is to narrow down the options so that you can focus on just one area at a time. Do not add the “other” option to any of the multiple choice buttons or checkboxes; it’ll only complicate your life once you look at the customers’ answers.

It’s much better to prepare a well-defined feedback form beforehand rather than have to deal with a client writing an entire essay in your open-ended questions. If you’re eager to start your next graphic design project with this new feedback form, feel free to use the one we’ve prepared for you and fill it in with all the relevant details.

Free Resource: Graphic Design Customer Feedback Form Template

Making Graphic Design Feedback Less Painful

Creating a customer feedback form for graphic design work is an amazing way to gather relevant feedback and improve your work. But did you know that there’s an even better way to share your projects and get useful feedback from a community of passionate graphic designers? Meet, the feedback platform for graphic designers and visual artists. feedback site for graphic design inspiration

With, you can share your own graphic design inspiration or comment on other people’s work to channel your creativity and nail your designs. Thanks to our platform, you’ll learn how feedback can produce a constant cycle of ideas that matter to you and your client. No more running around chasing revisions; get relevant feedback with


How do I create a customer feedback form for graphic design?

An easy way to do so is by using the Google Forms’ template for “Customer Feedback” in the template gallery and filling the information specifically for graphic design purposes.

How do I appropriately ask for graphic design feedback?

You should provide a series of questions which offer specific options; do not offer the customer too many open-ended questions as they might wander off talking about things that are unrelated.

What should a graphic design feedback form include?

An optimal form should include questions that narrow down the scope of the project, essentially giving the customer the tools they need to understand how to provide relevant feedback.

What’s the fastest way to create an effective feedback form?

The fastest way is by using Google Forms. You can also use the graphic design customer feedback form template included in this article to get up-and-running super fast.

Posted by:Frank Gerhardt